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Luas Daerah dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari Lilien


“The Influence of Foreign Culture to Indonesian Culture”

Good evening my beloved Teacher and Friends,


First, we must give thanks to God, cause we can together again in this moment and share about “The Influence of Foreign Culture to Indonesian Culture”.

First, I will explain about the meaning of culture. Do you know the meaning of culture? Culture means life method which grow up on the society area which heir by generations to generations. There are 2 kinds of culture, foreign culture and Original culture.

Foreign culture is a culture from the other countries which included to our original country by “Global Crisis”. And the Original culture is culture from our original country which the culture had already mixed with our soul, by our daily activities.

As we had already known, so many foreign cultures be included to Indonesia, just like the religion, politic system, knowledges, art and much more. There are 2 factors which influencing Indonesian to follow the foreign culture, they are external and internal factors. External factor come from other people like friends, family, and some mediator. Internal factor come from yourself.

Foreign cultures which spread in Indonesia make some positive impacts. For the example, foreign cultures makes Indonesian’s economic system go forward, by bright cooperation with other countries. Foreign cultures makes Indonesian teenagers more clever too by students exchange. So, many Indonesian teenagers can study to other countries and make them more clever, because they can learn from the other people outside.

But in other side, it makes some negative impacts too, especially for Indonesian teenagers. Now so many Indonesian teenagers love modern music, which brought by foreign cultures. And they forgot Indonesian traditional music, one by one and step by step. And, Can’t you see that? Foreign culture almost changes all about Indonesian’s life style too, from clothes, attitude, mind, and more again. So many Children, acting like adults. Whereas, acting like an adult, will make them look like “fools” right? Why not? It cause they’re still children! Acting like adults will make them lose their childhood, their imagination. Even though, they want that.

Now, how to solve this problem? I mean the negative impact?

Yes that’s right! we must be clever to filter which one the good and bad foreign cultures. But, we also SHOULD NOT forget Indonesian cultures too. And we must be constant to preserve Indonesian cultures, so that, our generations don’t forget it too. And, For all parents, please, don’t force your child to become mature, before the time. But, how if our children want to become mature before the time? You can teach them to be mature step by step with the good steps, of course.

How can us do that? The most important things, we must teach them about our original culture too, so that, our children can preserve it too to their generations.

Okay, I think that’s all my speech about “The Influence of Foreign Culture to Indonesian Culture”. Thankyou for your attention, I hope my speech will increase the preserve of Indonesian cultures and make Indonesian people more clever to filter the foreign cultures which spread in Indonesia. Good Evening 🙂